Yoga: Physiology, Psychosomatic, Bio-energy.

Yoga: Physiology, Psychosomatic, Bio-energy.

Производитель: издатель Коваленко А.В.
Модель: book
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Andrey Safronov
Yoga: Physiology, Psychosomatic, Bio-energy.
  The given book represents attempt to formulate the rational approach to the yoga practice, based on understanding of physiological, psychosomatic and bio-energetic essence of yoga exercises. For the first time are considered principles of construction of yoga complexes (separately for healthy and sick people), are given internal (connected with conditions) criteria of correctness of performance of exercises, are offered rational approaches to meditative practice. Also for the first time is brought up the question on errors during performance of yoga exercises and their negative consequences.
  The urgency of this question is caused by that in the majority of popular books on yoga some exercises are shown with basic errors.     The book is written on the basis of 19-year practice of the author, and also 14-year experience of yoga teaching and healing. The book is divided to some levels which can be useful to different people - from beginners to experts, practicing for a long time. The book is supplied by photos and the drawings illustrating exercises, input phases, distribution of energy, errors at performance of exercises.   The book can be interesting as to people, which are interested by yoga and esoterics, and for the doctors practicing psychology, experts in physical training. For today the book has no analogues.
ISBN 978-966-2079-37-1
Release date: 2011,
256 pg., hardcover, 
formate 70х100/16 (240*170 mm.)

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