Anatomy of life and death. Vital point of human body.

Anatomy of life and death. Vital point of human body.

Производитель: издатель Коваленко А.В.
Модель: book
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Momot V.
Anatomy of life and death. Vital point of human body.
  Book by V.V. Momot is the unique and exhaustive reference atlas of pain-inflicting points with no analogues published in the world of martial arts. Here you will find the history of kyusho jutsu, excerpts from unique ancient treatises, point tables according to different Chinese and Japanese schools and a lot of other useful evidence. 
  It contains theoretical data on human anatomy and physiology, destruction and resuscitation techniques. On its pages you will find the detailed anatomic location of 64 major points, direction and angle of optimal impact, consequences of blows or pressures varying by force and extent. The appendix includes tables with vital points developed and elaborated in about 30 ancient Japanese martial arts schools borrowed from a rare book written by the “last ninja” Fujita Seiko “Kenpo Gokui Atemi Sakkatsuho Meikai” who had the chance to walk the talk and test his deadly skills during World War II, including at the expense of American POWs and Katzu reanimation techniques as taught in Yamada Ko’s handbook, the renowned judo and jujutsu expert who carried out experiments with volunteers in the 60-s of the 20th century. 
ISBN 978-966-2079-15-9
Release date: 2008
260 pg., hardcover, 
formate 70х100/16 (240*170 mm.)

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